About Us

We are a team of book lovers passionate about personalized publishing. We believe that not all authors have the same needs. Our team is highly trained in all aspects of publishing—in developing manuscripts, designing covers, and typesetting pages. We also demand from our printing partners to provide high quality outputs only, all the time.

Sierra Lexis Publishing is a private corporation operating from Cebu, Philippines. We are currently building and expanding our portfolio and identifying our identity. It would be an honor to make your book a part of ours.

Our Vision

Cebu becomes a publishing powerhouse, providing high-quality publications and exceptional publishing services to authors and international publishing houses.

Our Mission

To help authors tell their stories, while putting the author at the center of our business model—taking a more collaborative approach and creating a personalized publishing experience for them.

We want Sierra Lexis Publishing to be at the forefront of Cebu and a dominant force in making Cebu a vibrant international book hub.